A/C Servicing

If you are experiencing issues with your car’s Air Conditioning unit, here at AlfGatt we are perfectly equipped to solve your problem and get your A/C back to perfect running order.

Once we inspect the unit, we can determine what course of action is required based on the type of problem your A/C unit has. Below are the two main problems and the steps we take to solve them.

A Gas Refill

Gas refills are fairly routine, as every A/C unit needs to have it’s tank refilled every set period of time in order to perform it’s functions.

There are two main types of gases, R-134A and R-1234YF gas. Usually cars manufactured before 2016 make use of R-134A, while more modern cars use R-1234YF Gas.

In the case of cars using R-134A Gas, we can restore your A/C back to normal in around 30 to 45mins for a price ranging from €50-€55 (the price varies according to the amount of gas used).

In the case of modern cars using R-1234YF, prices are more variable, the best option would be to request a quotation.

B Fault

The process for solving faults is a bit more complex as identifying the cause of the problem might be trickier. However, we have state of the art equipment to help us in this. For faults, we do the following:

  • Using this advanced machinery, we run a leak test to spot the faulty component(s). The cost for this test is €30.
  • Once we identify the source, we can then provide you with a quote for the total cost (including any parts that need replacing).